Black Short Sports Leather Motorcycle Motorbike Summer Gloves

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Style meets high end protection with these hot, new riding gloves for motorcycle and motocross use


  • New fashion design, Very popular
  • Special ergonomic design with carbon fiber hard shell protection, taking into account aesthetics and security
  • 3D-dimensional breathable mesh fabric
  • Neoprene embossed design, attached hand is not easy sliding
  • Four fingers high breathable mesh design and a rubber block sliding full protection
  • Ergonomic, hand-dimensional drop resistance protective hard shell, shock-absorbing foam has a better than general protective effect
  • Fingers type version with a rare song refers to the design, so that gloves fit perfectly with his hands more, feel manipulated hundred percent
  • Fingertip impact protection attached leather, laminated safety within the reflective point of the night
  • Palm of your hand the entire piece Bucharest slip resistant seamless design particles, and reduce the effect of strengthening the non-slip fall car torn off cause the seams
  • Tiger's mouth suede protection and reduces the time between the use of gloves and motorcycle wear and increased grip handle. Leather thumb stick impact protection
  • Wrists Velcaro adjustment design makes gloves easy to fall off
  • Material: synthetic fabrics + PVC
    Size  Palm width
    M 8~8.5CM/3.1~3.4"
    L 9~9.5CM/3.5~3.7"
    XL 10~10.5CM/3.9~4.1"
Package Include:
  • 1Pair Rock Black Short Sports Leather Motorcycle Motorbike Summer Gloves