WHISTLER CR85 CR85 Laser/Radar Detector

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• Extra detection range for advanced warning;• Detects Laser Atlanta Stealth mode, Laser Ally(TM) & LTI TruSpeed(R) S ;• Improved Ka band sensitivity ;• Radar signature ID ;• Laser signature ID ;• POP(TM) mode detection ;• Real Voice(R) alerts ;• Selectable bands ;• Traffic Flow Signal Rejection (TFSR) ;• 3 filter modes reduce false alerts caused from other radar detectors ;• Selectable tone alerts ;• Stay Alert(TM) tests driver alertness on long trips ;• Display brightness control ;• Alert periscopes ;• Total Band Protection(R) ;• 360deg Maxx coverage ;• Safety Warning System(TM) keeps driver informed of highway safety where transmitters are located ;• Alert priority ;• High-gain lens ;• Selectable vehicle battery saver ;• Low-emission design is more difficult to detect by radar-detector detectors ;• INTELLICORD(R) ready;